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May 18, 2005


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Beautiful post, Mare, as always.

First of all, for the record, I just got here and I ain't going anywhere. I deliberately did not want an IF blog name because there is more to me than just that. Yes, it is pretty all-consuming at the moment but there is more, honest.

Second, you just totally made my day bacause I am sitting round the campfire, wiggling my toes in the heat, sticking marshmallows on a peeled twig and blethering away like a loony! Whoo-hoo! Cheers, my dear.


Well said friend


Beautiful post, Mare. Thanks for this.


What a wonderful post. So true, Mare. So true.

Anna H.

Thank you Mare, for articulating so beautifully the way so many of us feel.



Thankyou B.Mare. Beautifully said.


well said...all this exiting has made me sadder than the general bad news floating around at any given time.


Beautiful. Thank you.


The waiting for ART is one of the oddest waits - I feel excited, hopeful and deep dread all at once, I understand what you say about wondering how to mark the days. It does feel like a prison sometimes.

Your post wonderfully expresses the state of IF blogville and is beautifully written. Thank you. I'm glad you're here on this journey with us, though I do wish we could meet through other circumstances.

Sara in London

Bonked that nail on the head as usual Mare, great post.

I'm still reading (though the list of blogs I can bare to read has shrunk somewhat), but I can't face posting anything. I too wish there was a happy common denominator instead of this one we are all still faced with.

Hope your wait isn't too agonising. I have to have my Lap tomorrow before I can have a consultation with the great doctor (in June) and finally be able to make the decision about where to go next. I'm weirdly looking forward to the surgery as it is less frightening and sad than this limbo & the thought of never having children.

Sorry to hog, take care,

sara xx


As usual, you're right on target and expressed it beautifully.


Thanks for illuminating this. I'm trying to think of it in terms of cycles--we have times of despair and great sadness, but also times of magic and wonder. I think right now we could all use some of the latter.


Well said. It breaks my heart when I read some of the posts.
The waiting is hard to endure and there seems to be a lot of it. I hope you have lots of things to distract you.


Beautifully said!


Right on, sister.
Well said.


I agree that you have put this all beautifully. I also happen to just love "By My Side" and marvel at the appropriateness of that song for this journey.

"Can you take me with you?
For my hand is cold and needs warmth...."

I've gathered much warmth from the campfire. Thank you.


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